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Football World Cup 1930

The 1930 FIFA World Cup Uruguay was the first edition of the FIFA World Cup organized by FIFA. It was developed in Uruguay between July 13 and 30, 1930. FIFA decided to hand over the organization of the tournament to Uruguay in commemoration of the centennial of the Constitution Jura, which the nation celebrated during July of that year, among other reasons.

In the tournament 13 national teams participated (12 guests plus the organizer), divided into 4 groups: 3 groups of 3 teams and a group of 4 teams. The first two matches in the history of the World Cup took place simultaneously on July 13, the date on which the United States beat Belgium 3: 0, while France beat Mexico by 4: 1. The first goal of the competition was scored by the French player Lucien Laurent.

The selections of Argentina, United States, Uruguay and Yugoslavia acceded to the semifinals after prevailing in their respective groups. In the final, the host Uruguay beat Argentina by 4: 2, before more than 68,000 spectators, winning his first world title organized by FIFA.


Since the founding of FIFA in 1904, the possibility of holding a tournament worldwide has been raised. However, the newly formed organization did not have the resources and infrastructure necessary for such an event. Thus, they asked for support to the International Olympic Committee, which in 1906 accepted the inclusion of football in its sporting events. In 1914, FIFA officially recognized the tournament held at the Olympic Games as a “football world championship for amateurs”, taking responsibility for organizing it during the following three Olympic events: from 1920 to 1928. Until that date, the organization of the Olympic football competition was in charge of national associations, such as the Football Association of England in 1908 and the Swedish Football Association in 1912.

The preliminary list of sports in the Olympic Games of Los Angeles 1932 did not include soccer, reason why FIFA and the International Olympic Committee disagreed until the point of which finally it was not included. On May 26, 1928, a FIFA Congress was held in Amsterdam, which voted to create a specialized tournament, independent of the Olympic Games, open to FIFA members and in which professionalism was allowed. The proposal went ahead with 25 votes in favor and 5 against, so it was necessary to choose the venue.This was also the only World Cup in which there was no elimination process to participate.

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