Tournament summary

Group stage

Group 1

This group was the only one with 4 selections: Argentina, Chile, France and Mexico. Two days after beating Mexico, the French clashed with one of the group’s favorite teams, Argentina. During the match the Gauls were reduced by the injuries of their players. Laurent, after a hard tackle from Luis Monti, was limping for most of the game. France resisted almost the entire match, but in minute 81 Monti scored a foul. With 6 minutes to go, referee Almeida Rêgo whistled the end of the match erroneously when Frenchman Marcel Langiller had a clear chance to score. France had played twice in 48 hours, while Chile still had not played its first game. The next day he faced Mexico, winning 3: 0.

In the next match of the group, between Argentines and Mexicans, the first penalty of the competition took place. Bolivian referee Ulises Saucedo scored up to five penalties, some of them doubtful, Guillermo Stábile scored a hat-trick on his international debut with Argentina and won 6: 3, despite the absence of his captain Manuel Ferreira, who had returned to Buenos Aires to take an exam The final classification was decided in the match that faced Argentina and Chile, since both had defeated Mexico and France. There were problems during the match due to a lack of Monti to Arturo Torres, but finally Argentina prevailed by 3: 1 and agreed to the semifinals.

Group 2

In the second group they faced Brazil, Bolivia and Yugoslavia. The Brazilians were the favorites to pass the round, but in the opening match they lost 1: 2 to Yugoslavia.Before the tournament, Bolivia had not won an international match yet, and the two matches they played were very similar: they made a promising start , but then they were thrashed (4: 0) and Yugoslavia went into the semifinals. The meeting between Bolivia and Brazil was disputed for the honor, since both were eliminated, and the result was identical with the victory of the Brazilians.

Group 3

The organizers, Uruguay, faced each other in the same group against Peru and Romania. In the opening match of the group was the first expulsion in the history of the World Cup, went to the Peruvian Placido Galindo in the match against Romania. The Romanians took advantage of this numerical superiority to prevail by 3: 1. This game is the one that has had the least public attendance in the history of the World Cup. The official attendance was 2459 people, although it is currently accepted that there were about 300 spectators.

Due to the delay in the construction of the Centennial Stadium, Uruguay did not play their first match until five days after the start. When it could finally be played, it was preceded by a great ceremony. The Uruguayan team had been the last four weeks in a training camp with strict discipline, which shows the fact that goalkeeper Andrés Mazali was expelled from the team after breaking the curfew to visit his wife. 100 years after the creation of the first Constitution of Uruguay, the team won in a game matched to Peru by 1: 0. The Uruguayan press said that it had been a poor presentation of their team. However, in the second game against Romania, they won by 4: 0.

Group 4

In this group dominated the United States, despite having several debutantes. In their first match they beat Belgium by 3: 0. This result surprised the country and the newspaper Imparcial said about it that “the wide marker of the Americans had surprised the experts.” The Belgian newspapers complained about the state of the pitch, the arbitration decisions and the fact that the second the second game of the group was played with a lot of wind, and in it the first hat-trick of the tournament was produced, scored by Bert Patenaude of the United States against Paraguay.

Until November 10, 2006 it was believed that the first hat-trick in a World Cup had been scored by Guillermo Stábile of Argentina. However, FIFA admitted on this date that the goal attributed to Tom Florie had actually been from Patenaude, and that it was already recognized by some specialized authors. After the United States had secured the first position, the final match between Paraguay and Belgium was played, which ended 1: 0.

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