Time to Pelé to meet the World Cup

Three times Brazil, three times Pelé …
After four years, Brazil returned for its title. Not only did he win the title, he also won the Jules Rimet trophy for an indefinite period.

The World Cup of the year 1970 was held in Mexico (for the first time in North America) from May 31 to June 21. It was the first World Cup broadcast in color, increasing the interest in both the tournament and the football itself.

The World Cup matches were hosted in five Mexican cities. The capital, Mexico City, offered the Cup participants the majestic Azteca stadium, with capacity for more than 107,000 people.

Although people complained about the heat and height, the tournament was highlighted by an intense game and numerous goals. Gerd Müller, the top scorer of the Cup, managed to score 10 goals. Most notable in the group stage was the Brazil game (which won all three matches with a difference of +5 goals), and an arduous fight in group two, where Italy came first by a single point against Uruguay and Sweden.

In the second phase these teams (the future finalists) devastated their opponents. Brazil won the quarterfinals and the semi-final against Peru and Uruguay by a difference of 2 goals. Italy eliminated the Mexico team (4-1), and was stronger than the Federal Republic of Germany (4-3).

The scenario of the final match of June 21, 1970, in which two world champions met (both twice) was the Azteca stadium. 107,412 people came to see the shock. Pelé opened the scoring. Although in the first part of the party Italy managed to tie, in the second it could not with the avalanche of the game of the Brazilian selection. The three goals in 20 minutes ensured that Brazil won the Cup. Zagallo, the Brazilian coach, became the only world champion as a player (1958, 1962) and as coach. Pele remains, until today, the only world champion three times.

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