Brazil under the command of Pele is champion Chile 1962

The leadership of Brazil changed football forever. “The wizards of the ball” – that’s how they were called in the Soviet Union, where the friendly match between the USSR and Brazil in 1965 brought together 102,000 spectators. Imagine the degree of admiration and affection that the team enjoyed throughout the world! The Brazilians had no mercy on the hosts and they won 3-0 (Pele’s double).

At that time Pelé was already a star worldwide, perhaps the first athlete known worldwide. After winning the title in Sweden in 1958 (at that time he was still very young), came the victory in Chile in 1962. Although that time his participation in the victory was minimal, since he was injured in the second match of the phase of groups against Czechoslovakia. However, Garrincha and Vava showed off in that tournament with 4 goals each, becoming the best scorers in Brazil. The Brazilians got 5 points in the group stage of the championship, which was held in Chile from May 30 to June 17, 1962. The Chileans managed to hold the tournament despite the Great Earthquake in Chile two years before the championship. However, instead of eight stadiums planned for the event, only four were used.

In the group stage the Brazilians defeated Mexico, Spain and drew with Czechoslovakia. In the quarterfinals they faced England, which only in the first time could oppose worthy resistance to the future winners. In the second half Garrincha and Vava scored a goal each (Garrincha, in total, made two goals in this match), and the duel ended with a 3 to 1.

In the semifinal Brazil faced the selection of Chile. The match ended 4-2, and again it was Garrincha and Vava who contributed goals to the Brazilian team (each scored two).In the final, which was held at the National Stadium in Santiago, Brazil faced its rival of the group stage to the selection of Czechoslovakia. Masopust opened the scoring in the 15th minute in favor of Czechoslovakia, but the Brazilians managed to equalize after two minutes. And in the second half Zito and Vavá scored one goal each. The final score of the game was 3 to 1, which allowed Brazil to defend their title. And that despite the fact that Pele did not play in almost every game!

This time the leaders were the great Garrincha, who in 1999 was ranked seventh on the list of the best players of the century and remained in the memory of the fans as one of the best sprinters in the history of football, and Vavá, which, in turn, remained in history as one of the 4 players who scored goals in the finals of two world championships.

Mundial 1962. Final

Brasil – Checoslovaquia

Brasil: Gilmar, Djalma Santos, Mauro Ramos (C), Zózimo, Nílton Santos, Zito, Didi, Garrincha, Mário Zagallo, Vavá, Amarildo. Entrenador: Aymoré Moreira

Checoslovaquia: Viliam Schrojf, Jiří Tichý, Ján Popluhár, Svatopluk Pluskal, Ladislav Novák (C), Tomáš Pospíchal, Andrej Kvašňák, Josef Masopust, Josef Jelínek, Adolf Scherer, Josef Kadraba. Entrenador: Rudolf Vytlačil

Árbitro: Nikolái Látyshev (URSS)

Resultado: 3:1 (Masopust 15’, Amarildo 17’, Zito 69’, Vavá 78’)

17 de junio de 1962Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile

68.679 espectadores

Máximos goleadores:

Garrincha (Brasil) 4

Vavá (Brasil) 4

Leonel Sánchez (Chile) 4

Flórián Albert (Hungría) 4

Valentín Ivanov (URSS) 4

Dražan Jerković (Yugoslavia) 4

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