Soccer World Cup History

Do you want to know the history of the world cup? Here you will find everything related to the soccer world championships, from the first to the last, the winning selections, the scorers of each world cup, the best players, referees who were in the matches. You will also know specific events that have happened in these soccer World Cups.

Brazil conquers the United States

Brazilians again and the tragedy of Baggio On this occasion, the World Cup is held for the first time in the United States. The fears of the organizers dissipated very quickly. Although for the first time the Cup took place in a country, where at that time there was not even a professional league, all…

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Football World Cup 1994, United States

The 1994 FIFA World Cup United States was the fifteenth edition of the World Cup, and was held in the United States between June 17 and July 17, 1994. The United States was chosen to host the World Cup, and also, for the first time in history, generating great controversy for being a country without…

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Germans win, in Italy 1990

Everyone plays, but the Germans win The 80s came to an end and the next World Cup was held in 1990 in Italy. For the last time in history the team of the USSR and two teams from Germany participated there. One of those, the West German team won the competition. In the next championship…

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1990 Soccer World Cup, Italy

The 1990 FIFA World Cup Italy was the fourteenth edition of the Football World Cup. It was developed in Italy, between June 8 and July 8, 1990. Italy became the second country to hold a World Cup on 2 separate occasions when organizing the tournament in 1934. 24 national teams participated in the event, in…

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The Glory of Maradona

The moment of glory of Maradona in a World Cup was four years later, in Mexico, in 1986. It was the third World Cup followed that was celebrated in a Spanish-speaking country, previously they had been Argentina in 1978 and Spain in 1982. The Argentine team won the title (the second in the last eight…

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1986 Football World Cup, Mexico

The 1986 FIFA World Cup Mexico was the thirteenth edition of the Soccer World Cup, which took place in Mexico, between May 31 and June 29, 1986. Mexico became the first country to celebrate twice a year. World Cup, when the Executive Committee of FIFA, after a meeting in Stockholm, Sweden in May 1983, decided…

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